We network to add knowledge that makes your business 'image' more effective.

We design to do it and not only throughout visual expression. We design resources and strategies to positively influence organisations and products.

When design is purpose and evolves around what people really need, businesses prosper. Businesses are meant to service 'want'. It is all about how businesses really use design. In most products, design comes towards the end of the development process where a designer finally puts a nice wrap on an idea that is ready. We seek a situation where designers, along with business managers and marketers, observe people and help redefine the need. Once we state the significance of 'design' in its true sense, completely new paradigms on solutions can be reached.

Design needs to come in early in business strategy not to fix or resolve issues but to go beyond what exists. It has to take place before implementation. Once it becomes accepted as a strategic business tool, the design mindset can bring about a radical change in the ways organisations innovate.

The same way finance, law and software consultants have become normal landscape to any corporation surroundings. We incorporate design there also, without being special but very much normal. We work with CEO's and CFO's, Chairman's and board members and the staff team without no more being an expensive tool that only the marketing department can handle.

Workaboutdesign is about consultants working for you and with you, wherever you are or we are. We want design to be at your reach when you start developing your next new. It's building your communication to fit what you say to what you look like and vice versa and ultimately making that to be what you are about.
We are a no base design hub from concept. We will meet with you at your place and you can meet us at ours knowing that in most locations it will be the top service hotel around.

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Do call us, it’s not like every workaboutdesign must be a large brand or rebrand process or even an extensive business structure program. Any given action related or aimed to improve your 'image' it’s a start and can help to ignite your business/brand focus process. We have experienced it and seen some cases become highly focused organisations.

Workaboutdesign is made of consultants, their skills, background, experience, stories, and personalities, deliver the value that can add that extra step to a project, brand and business. Brands and organisations that our consultants have already worked with include:


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There's a story about the Balinese monkey trap that captures the point. A monkey trap is made of rope and a coconut with a small hole and a shiny treasure inside. The hole is large enough to fit a monkey’s hand, but too small for its fist when clasped around the shiny object. The trap works because the monkey, after grabbing the spoon, refuses to release his grip. We must be willing to unclench our fist to avoid old ideas from entrapping us. Much of what holds us back is our inability to give up past ways of doing things to consider new approaches. It all starts with an alert and questioning mind.
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